Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture presents a Workshop on

Networks in Early/Modern Japan

birdDate: January 15, 2011
Location: Sophia University, Bldg. 10, 3F, Room 301
Time: 13:30 until 17:15
Coordinator: Bettina Gramlich-Oka (Sophia University)

The Network Studies Research group HP

Short bio of workshop presenters


Anna Beerens
Leiden Universitypaper abstract

Anna Beerens worked at the Research School for Asian, African and Amerindian Studies at Leiden University (The Netherlands) until it was abolished in 2008. She is now an editor and independent scholar. She is perhaps best known for her translations from Kyûji Shimonroku (see MN 55:3, MN 57:2 and MN 63:2). This talk is based on her dissertation Friends, Acquaintances, Pupils and Patrons, Japanese intellectual life in the late eighteenth century; a prosopographical approach (Leiden, 2006)


Shalmit Bejarano
Japan Foundation, University of Pittsburghpaper abstract

Shalmit Bejarano completed her PhD this summer at the art history department of the University of Pittsburgh. She holds a MA degree from Doshisha University in history of art, and BA and MA in East Asian studies from the Hebrew University. She taught courses on Japanese visual courses in several Israeli institutions. Currently she is interested in artistic transmission in early modern Japan.


Andrew Kamei-Dyche
University of Southern Californiapaper abstract

Andrew T. Kamei Dyche is a PhD Candidate in Japanese History at the University of Southern California. His research interests include modern Japanese publishing and print culture, and intellectual networks. He is currently completing a dissertation on the publisher Iwanami Shoten and its role in the intellectual community of early twentieth-century Japan.


Juliane Schlag
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germanypaper abstract

Juliane Schlag attained her BA in Japanese Studies and History from Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in 2010, and is currently studying Japanese Studies in the JLP program at Keio University. She is momentarily researching on the medical history of electrotherapeutic treatment in late Edo and Meji-time.

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