The Institute of Comparative Culture Research Unit on "Multiculturalism and Cultural Contact Zones in Asian Societies" presents a workshop on

Migrant Communities in Japan in the Aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake

Abstracts of papers
Date: 18th February, 2012
Time: 10:00 - 17:30
Venue: L-911, 9F, Library building, Sophia University

10:00: Opening remarks (James Farrer, Director of the Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University)
10:10: “Trajectory of Disaster” (David H. Slater, Sophia University)
10:40: “Highly-Skilled Migration in Post-3.11 Japan” (Nana Oishi, Sophia University)
11:10: “Realizing new communities at local level and more comprehensive migration policy in Japan” (Yasushi Iguchi, Kwansei-Gakuin University
11:40: “3/11 and the Filipinos in Japan” (Maria Rosario Piquero-Ballescas, Toyo University)

12:10: Lunch break

13:30: “ ‘To leave or not to leave: that’s the question’— Chinese migrants in Japan after 3.11” (Gracia Liu-Farrer, Waseda University)
14:00: “A Double Punch: The economic crisis, the earthquake and its consequences for the Brazilian migrants” (Edson Urano, University of Tsukuba)
14:30: “Brazilians in Japan in the context of the worldwide ‘Brazilian diaspora’” (Angelo Ishi, Musashi University)

15:00: Tea/coffee break

15:30: “Filipino Communities Strengthened after the Disasters of March 11” (Takefumi Terada, Sophia University)
16:00: TBA (Baekki Heo, Korean Christian Church in Japan, Tsukuba Tokyo Church Pastor )
16:30: Open discussion led by James Farrer, Sophia University
17:30: Workshop close

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