Teaching 3.11 Syllabi Collection

The syllabi that you will find below consists of syllabi that were presented at our workshop (which can also be downloaded as a compiled pdf document as well as syllabi that other individuals have kindly sent in. Below the list of syllabi you will also find a list of other relevant sources and links. If you would like to have your syllabi, blog, or other resource listed on this webpage please email us [diricc(at)sophia.ac.jp].


Rieko Kage, University of Tokyo
Introduction to Japanese Society and Politics

Robert Pekkanen, University of Washington
Civil Society in Japan

Satsuki Takahashi, Princeton University
Recipes for Disaster: Cultures of Calamity in East Asia and Beyond

Love Kindstrand, Sophia University
Battlefield Tokyo: Space, ritual and the right to the city

Daniel Aldrich, Purdue University
The 3/11 Disaster from Historical, Comparative, and Social-Science Perspectives

Habu Junko, UC Berkeley
Anthropology of Japan: Environment, Energy, and Contemporary Japanese Society

Tao Yoichi, Kogakuin University
東日本大震災の復興に向けて ―― 福島県飯舘村での地域再生の試み / Towards the Recovery of the East Japan Disasters – An attempt at regenerating the land of Iitate village, Fukushima

Sharon Traweek, UCLA
Downwind: Disaster Futures, Sciences, Governmentalities, Villages, Subjectivities, and Memory Practices

Shinji Yamashita, University of Tokyo
災害の公共人類学─東日本大震災を中心に / Public Anthropology of Disaster - Focusing on the Great Disaster of East Japan

Kimura Shuhei, Fuji-Tokoha University
社会人類学特論/災害人類学 / Advanced Anthropology/Anthropology of Disaster

Liz Maly, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution
Thinking about Post-Disaster Housing Recovery after the 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami

Todd Holden, Tohoku University
Mediating the Unforeseen: Cases and Cultures of Communication during Crisis

Dai Nomiya, Sophia University
『3.11学』への招待 / An Invitation to “3.11 Studies”

Ed Fowler, University of California, Irvine
Japanese Literature: Advanced Texts – Focusing on the East Japan Disaster / 東日本大震災を中心に

David H. Slater, Sophia University
Student-generated Narratives

Rachel DiNitto, College of William & Mary
The Japanese Culture of Disaster(pdf)

Lee Friederich, University of Wisconsin Colleges
Post 3-11: The Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Japan(pdf)

Other resources

Teach 3.11 (http://teach311.wordpress.com/)
Write-up about Teach 3.11 project (http://www.hssonline.org/publications/Newsletter2012/April-Teach311.html)
by Lisa Onaga, UCLA

Digital Archive, Harvard University (http://www.jdarchive.org/)
Write up about the digital archive by Andrew Gordon & Ted Bestor, Harvard University

Andrea Ortolani, Gakushuin University
Blog (in Italian) (http://dirittogiapponese.wordpress.com/)

Takashi Oda, Ochanomizu University
A snapshot of the displacement of Fukushima residents (http://tohokugeo.jp/disaster/articles/e-contents28.pdf)

This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Japan Foundation.