Advanced Development Management Program (ADMP)


Development Partnerships Between NGOs, Public Organizations, and Corporations
NGO, 公的機関及び企業間における開発協力—市民社会の役割を求めて—

Objectives: Partnerships and people's participation are increasingly becoming important factors in development cooperation. Given the dwindling bilateral structure inherited from the Cold War and the global and regional integration of markets, on the one hand, developed countries are reducing their official development aid. On the other hand, governments in developing countries are shifting their limited resources to enhance national competitiveness and comparative advantage, often to the detriment of pressing social problems.

With these emerging worldwide conditions, corporations and NGOs are becoming important partners for effective implementation of development projects. Corporations, though their concerns are still narrow, are increasingly proactive participants in development projects; they enable the public sector to reduce its financial burden. NGOs, on their part, are actively soliciting people's participation in diverse areas that include some sectors ignored by developing countries' governments, and are mobilizing untapped resources. Various patterns of development partnerships are thus emerging, but their evaluation is still controversial and in many cases premature. Especially, partnerships with NGOs are a newly arising pattern, making the role of civil society increasingly important for the next century.

The seventh Advanced Development Management Program (ADMP) focuses on development partnerships between NGOs, public organizations, and corporations. Focusing especially on NGOs' contribution to such issues as people's political participation, rural development, gender, environment, social welfare, and poverty, it searches for the role of civil society in the economic, political, and social development of the nation.