dvanced Development Management Program (ADMP)


Development Partnerships Between NGOs, Public Organizations, and Corporations
NGO, 公的機関及び企業間における開発協力—市民社会の役割を求めて—
Session One: 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Session Two: 7:00 - 8:30
Session One: 9:30 - 11:00 am
Session Two: 11:30 - 1:00

October 14 (Wednesday)
1) Participatory Development and Global Partnerships (Streeten)
2) International Organizations and Partnerships for Development (Id.)

October 17 (Saturday)
3) NGOs: Participatory Development and Partnerships (Id.)
4) Corporations and Development Partnerships (Id.)
・Project Discussion: Streeten and Okada

October 21 (Wednesday)
5) Development and Civil Society (Wank)
6) Role of Japanese Civil Society in Development Partnerships (Yamamoto)

October 24 (Saturday)
7) NGOs on the International and Domestic Scenes (Ghaussy)
8) Japanese NGOs and Political Development in Developing Countries (Suto)

November 4 (Wednesday)
9) United Nations and NGOs (Gordenker)
10) Environmental Protection, Development NGOs, and Intergovernmental Programs (Id.)

November 7 (Saturday)
11) Benefits, Problems, and Future of International Organization-NGO Partnerships (Id.)
12) Building Global Governance Partnerships among International Organizations, Governments, and NGOs (Kunugi)

・Case Study: Group A (Gordenker)

November 11 (Wednesday)
13) Participatory Development and NGOs: A Perspective from International NGOs (Ligteringen)
14) NGOs and Development Partnerships: Practices by International NGOs (Id.)

November 13 (Friday):
Reception 4:00 p.m.
Inaugural Speech (5:00 p.m.)
"Development and Civil Society: Roles of NGOs"
Mr. Ernst R. LIGTERINGEN, Executive Director, OXFAM International (UK)

November 14 (Saturday)
15) Benefits, Problems, and Future of NGOs' Development Partnerships (Id.)
16) Participatory Development and Japanese NGOs (Kumaoka)
・Case Study: Group B (Ligteringen)

November 18 (Wednesday)
17) Rural Development, NGOs and Development Partnerships - I (Uphoff)
18) Rural Development, NGOs and Development Partnerships - II (Id.)

November 21 (Saturday)
19) NGOs and Development Partnerships in Health and Poverty Issues (Id.)
20) NGOs' Accountability, Sustainability, Autonomy and Evaluation (Id.)
・Case Study: Group C (Uphoff)

November 28 (Saturday)
25) Japanese Corporations, NGOs and Development Partnerships (Ichikawa)
26) Japanese Government - NGO Partnerships: Policies and Practices (Goto)

December 2 (Wednesday)
21) Gender, Participatory Development and NGOs (Shiva)
22) Gender, NGOs and Development Partnerships (Id.)

December 5 (Saturday)
23) Social Welfare and Protection, and Development Partnerships (Id.)
24) Japanese NGOs, Gender, and Participatory Development (Matsui)
・Case Study: All groups (Shiva)

December 9 (Wednesday) 5:00 - 7:00 p.m
Panel Discussion
"Japanese Official Development Aid and NGOs"

Dr. Robert M. ORR, Vice President and Director for Government Relations, Nippon Motorola Ltd.
Mr. Kenzo OSHIMA, Director-General, Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ms. Yoko OZEKI, Secretary General, Africa-Japan Forum
Prof. Hiroya ICHIKAWA, Director of Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University

Case Studies

・Group A:
Political Development, International Organizations, and Civil Society (Paper reader: Ghaussy)
・Group B:
Social Development and Civil Society (Paper reader: Clammer)
・Group C:
Economic Development and Civil Society (Paper reader: Imai)

Paper Deadline:January 20 (Wednesday), 1999
Studrent Paper Presentations:January 28 (Thursday) and 29 (Friday), 1999


Dr. Yoshitaka OKADA,
ADMP Chairman: Professor of Sociology & Business, Sophia University

Prof.John CLAMMER, Professor of Sociology, Sophia University
Prof. Saadollah GHAUSSY, Professor of Political Science, Sophia University
Prof. Leon GORDENKER, Professor Emeritus, Center for International Studies, Princeton University (USA)
Mr. Kazumi GOTO, Managing Director, Research Institute of Development Assistance, OECF
Prof. Hiroya ICHIKAWA, Professor of Economics: Director, Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University
Prof. Keiko IMAI, Professor of International Relations, Sophia University
Mr. Michiya KUMAOKA, President, Japan International Volunteer Center
Dr. Tatsuro KUNUGI, Professor of International Administration and Cooperation, International Christian University
Mr. Ernst R. LIGTERINGEN, Executive Director, OXFAM International (UK)
Ms. Yayori MATSUI, Director, Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center
Dr. Vandana SHIVA, Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (India)
Prof. Paul STREETEN, Professor Emeritus, Boston University (USA)
Prof. Nobuhiko SUTO, Professor, School of Political Science & Economics, Tokai University
Prof. Norman Thomas UPHOFF, Director, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development, Cornell University (USA)
Prof. David L. WANK, Associate Professor of Sociology, Sophia University
Mr. Tadashi YAMAMOTO, President, Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)