International Management Development Seminars (IMDS)



To strengthen the international reputation of Sophia, the Sophia University Socio-Economic Institute (SUSEI) was established in 1963. It comprised three sections: Credit Union Center, Asian Social Center (both became independent later), and International Management Development Seminars (IMDS).

* In 1963, “EEC Symposium” (3 days) co-sponsored by Keidanren and the relevant embassies.
* In 1964, “Symposium on Swiss Technology and Industry” (3 days) co-sponsored by the Swiss Embassy, and “Seminar on EEC International Policies” (3 days) co-sponsored by Keizai Doyukai.
* In 1965, “Belgian Industry Symposium” co-sponsored by the Belgian Office of Foreign Trade.

Since 1965, yearly, about 20 public seminars on Japanese business addressing executives in foreign firms were organized by IMDS with the help of Profs. Hideo Inohara and Hideo Kimura. The better speeches were then published in book-form or as monographs. Seminars were also organized abroad, as well as in-house corporate seminars and business consultations.


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In 1973, IMDS was requested to organize the “Japan Portion” of the JAIMS Program (Japan-America Management Institute, funded by Fujitsu in Hawaii), namely, business briefings and industrial visits. This yearly program lasted until 1988 (total of over 400 foreign students over 15 years). This activity was taken over by the University of Hawaii that assumed responsibility for the academic activities of JAIMS.


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In 1981, IMDS was incorporated in the Institute of Comparative Culture (ICC) as an “outside activity” In 1988, IMDS was requested to assume the responsibility of the “seminar portion” of the Executive Training Programme in Japan (ETP 8), an 18-month program sponsored yearly by the European Community for young European business executives. This activity went on until ETP 20 (2001-02). The total number of participants was 574. In 2002, as a result of international bidding, the program was taken over by a French institution.


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In 1996, the public seminars organized by IMDS were discontinued. From 1965 to 1997, a total of 558 seminars were attended by over 10,000 participants. In 1997, business monographs were discontinued. Between 1960 to 1997, a total of 145 issues and a total number of copies of over 100,000 were published.


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IMDS finished its activity in 2002.