Research Unit on "Multiculturalism and Cultural Contact Zones in Asian Societies"

James Farrer (FLA) and other professors

The goals of this research unit is to build a community of scholars, centered around the ICC, studying issues related to multiculturalism and intercultural contact zones, and related concepts of nationalism, regionalism, ethnicity, in Asia. Our principle question is what models of multiculturalism and intercultural contact exist in Asian contexts, including diasporic contexts such as Asian communities in Europe and North America and migrant communities in Asian cities.

DancingMulticulturalism in Asian Societies 2009-2010
(project overview)

A conference on "The Right to Move?: Debating the Ethics of Global Migration"(December 12–13, 2009)

The Right to Move Conference Papers on Policy Innovations, an online journal of the Carnegie Council


Hong Kong Street

Multiculturalism in Asian Societies 2010-2011
(project overview)

A workshop on "Sexual boundary crossings and sexual contact zones in East Asia" (October 2, 2010)

A workshop on "Migration and Multicultural Coexistence in East Asia" (February 19, 2011)

Multiculturalism in Asian Societies 2011-2012
(project overview)

A Lecture on "Transnational Migration and Asian Regional Integration: Examining the Migration Policies of Hong Kong and Tokyo " (July 20, 2011)

A Lecture on "Influences on Imageability" (October 6, 2011)

A workshop on Boundary Crossing - Sex & Gender in Context (December 10, 2011) (a follow-up to the workshop entitled "Sexual Boundary Crossings and Sexual Contact Zones in East Asia")

A workshop on Migrant Communities in Japan in the Aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake (February 18, 2012)

Multiculturalism in Asian Societies 2012-2013
(project overview)

An International Workshop on The Challenges of Highly Skilled Migration in Asia and the Pacific (March 6, 2013)