ICC Collaborative Research Projects for 2004-2005

The Sophia University Research Institute (SURI) is placing one of its top priorities in promoting collaborative research activities among scholars, organized and led by Sophia faculty members. The Institute of Comparative Culture (ICC), operating as a sub-organization under the SURI, would like to play a contributing role in promoting such activities and, hence, to solicit ICC members to submit collaborative-research proposals. This year's awardees are listed below.

ICC Mini-conferences for 2004-2005

Based on the decision made at the May 8th general meeting held in 2002, the Institute of Comparative Culture (ICC) established a small grant to support mini-conferences. This year's grant awardees are listed below.


Research Unit on

"Socially Responsible Marketing"

Project Leader:

Emmanuel Cheron (Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)

Project Members:
Tetsuo Sugimoto (Professor, Faculty of Management and Economics, Sophia U.)
Tadashi Takizawa (Professor, Faculty of Law,. Sophia U.)
Ms. Yoshiko Kabasawa (Supervisor, Center for Consumer Studies, Dentsu)
Dr. Yoko Kuwae (General Manager, Group Strategy Planning Division, Canon)


A Mini-Conference Hosted by the Institute of Comparative Culture,

"Chinese Christianity on the Mainland and in Diaspora Communities"

Mark Mullins (Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)

Sophia University, Ichigaya Campus, Tokyo
March 22-23, 2005

The program of the mini-conference has been divided into five sessions: Part I focuses on the socio-political context of religion in contemporary China and recent developments in Chinese Christianity. Part II considers the formation and export of Chinese Christian Movements. Part III examines Chinese Christianity in the diaspora communities in the US and Europe. Part IV focuses on the situation of Chinese Catholics in Japan and the relationship between Catholic congregations and transnationalism. Finally, Part V considers the global significance of recent developments in Chinese Christianity and will explore the implications and consider future directions for research.

*We would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation to the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia for the generous financial support of the conference.


Technology-Innovation-Governance Research Unit

"Creativity and Innovativeness in Japanese High-technology Industries: Path-dependent, but Radical Techno-governance?"

Project Leader:

Yoshitaka Okada (Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)

Project Members:

David Methe (Associate Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)
Takahiro Ueyama (Professor, Faculty of Management and Economics, Sophia U)
Hisanaga Amikura (Professor, Faculty of Management and Economics, SophiaU)
Kozo Yamada (Professor, Faculty of Management and Economics, Sophia U.)


Research Group on

Contemporary Japanese Culture and Society

(plus a Workshop on Japan Youth Culture in Transition)

Project Leader:

David Slater (Associate Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)

John Clammer (Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)
James Farrer (Associate Professor, FCC, Sophia U.)
Hiroshi Ishida (Professor, Sociology, Tokyo University)
Hirochika Nakamaki (Japanese Studies, Minpaku)
Glenda Roberts (Global Studies, Waseda University
Ikuya Sato (Professor, Popular Culture, itotsubashi University)
Yasushi Watanabe (Associate Professor, Anthropology, Keio University)
Anne Allison (Duke University)
Harumi Befu (Stanford University)
Ted Bestor (Harvard University)
Roger Goodman (Professor, Oxford University)
Mariko Tamanoi (UCLA)
Christine Yano (Associate Professor, University of Hawaii)