Postcolonial Asian cities (2016)

Contact Person: Christian Hess (

Other members:
Faculty Members: James Farrer (, David Wank (, Sven Saaler, Bettina Gramlich-Oka (
Further members include Linda Grove, Jon Howlett (Univeristy of York, UK), Toby Lincoln (University of Leicester, UK), Jeff Wasserstrom (University of California, Irvine), Liu Haiyan (Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences), Wang Min (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

2016 Activities
Plans are underway to invite several speakers in Fall (Taiwan, Hokudai and possibly Seoul), possibly together for a small workshop.
Professor Hess plans to travel to Taiwan in early February to meet with project partners and build contacts for a possible collaborative funding bid with scholars in Taiwan.

Research and Conference participation:
・Professor Hess presented a paper for inclusion in the conference “Seventy Years to the End of the War in Asia: Divergent Perspectives on the War Denouement and the Onset of the Cold War,” Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, 29-30 January 2016
・Professor Hess was Chair and Discussant, for the panel “Merchants, Agents, Technology and Force: Empire and Natural Resources in East and Southeast Asia 1800-1945” at the Association for Asian Studies in Asia Annual Conference, Doshisha University, Kyoto, June 24-26, 2016.
・Professor Hess published “The Fate of Japanese Settlers in Manchuria” in David Chandler, Robert Cribb, and Li Narangoa, eds., End of Empire: 100 Days in 1945 that Changed Asia and the Word (NIAS Press, Copenhagen, 2016).

Proposed Activity for 2017:
・Professor Hess plans to organize a panel on “Colonial Legacies and Urban Development in Taiwan and Northeast China (Manchuria)” for the Asian Studies Conference Japan 2017
・The project plans to invite 3-4 speakers during the 2017 academic year.
・Professor Hess will do archival research in Taibei, Taiwan and connect with scholars at the urban history division of the Academica Sinica.
・The project plans to purchase a set of materials on former Japanese colonial cities for use in project publications.

Funding applications:
During the 2016 year we plan to apply for funding from the following sources: Kakken Grant (Professor Hess), Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation

Publication and Dissemination plans:
・Dr. Hess has a chapter forthcoming “Militarization and Urban Development in Lüshun and Dalian, 1895-1955” in Toby Lincoln, ed., The Habitable City in China. Palgrave (2016).
・Dr. Hess has an article “Sino-Soviet City: War, Decolonization, and the Making of Socialist Modernity in Soviet-occupied Dalian, 1945-1955” accepted for a special issue “Second World Urbanity” of the Journal of Urban History (2017)
・Our ultimate goal is to publish papers from the Sophia Symposium held this year (preferably with several other invited chapters or with another conference event) in an edited volume to be edited by Dr. Hess.