Network Studies Research Unit activity report


Reading group meetings are held monthly to discuss various academic issues.

Workshops (Video footage available at Sophia OCW sight (
1. November 20, 2010
2. January 15, 2011
3. June 11, 2011

Gramlich-Oka, Bettina (論文).“Neo-Confucianism Reconsidered: Family Rituals in the Rai Household.” U.S.-Japan-Women’s Journal, 39: 7-37, 2011.

Gramlich-Oka, Bettina (報告) “Cashing in on Scholarship: Rai Shunsui 頼春水 (1746-1816) and his keen investment in learning”. Paper presented at International conference: Monies, Markets, and Finances in East Asia. Tuebingen, Germany, Oct. 2011.

Gramlich-Oka, Bettina (報告) “Following one’s father’s aspiration: “Know the Way”. Paper presented at the European Association of Asian Studies Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, Aug. 2011.

Gramlich-Oka, Bettina (報告) “Following one’s father’s aspiration: “Know the Way””. Paper presented at the third Workshop: Networks in Early Modern Japan, Sophia University, June 2011.

Gramlich-Oka, Bettina (報告) “朱子学の再検討:頼家における家礼”. Paper presented at the 近世女性史研究会, April 2011.