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Samuel Beckett and the World Stage
Textuality and Performativity: A Symposium

samuel beckette symposiumJanuary 13 (Sat) 2007
Institute of Comparative Culture,
Sophia University
Library Bldg #812


To celebrate the achievements of Samuel Beckett, one of the most provocative dramatists of the 20th century. His absurdist drama has undeniably had a profound impact on contemporary Japanese and Asian theatre. The conference will address how theatre professionals in the West and Asia have responded to Beckett's textual experiments in silence, stillness, and absurdity and how Asian performative practices have enriched the staging of Beckettian plays.

1. Phillip Zarrilli (virtual appearance): Professor at Exeter University. Directs and acts in THE BECKETT PROJECT. See

2. Patricia Boyette: Professor at University Wisconsin-Madison. Performs in THE BECKETT PROJECT. Will give a demonstration on the use of kalaripayatti, a yoga-based martial arts, as a training for Beckettian performance.

3. Betsuyaku Minoru (別役 実): The most famous living Japanese absurdist playwright. Artistic director at the Piccolo Theatre, Hyogo Prefecture

4. Sarah Jane Scaife: Lecturer of Theatre at Trinity College, Dublin. Will present the Irish approach to performing Samuel Beckett's theatre and hold an actors workshop.

Prior registration required for the workshop
Sponsorship: Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University Cooperation: Embassy of Ireland


10:00 Opening Address
10:05 Sarah Jane Scaife
10:35 Betsuyaku Minoru
12:00 Break
11:25 Phillip Zarrilli DVD
12:00 Patricia Boyette's Demonstration
12:40 Lunch
13:50 Symposium
14:50 Closing Address
15:00 Sarah Jane Scaife's Workshop