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ICC Working Paper Series (2002- )

Working papers are preliminary versions of papers circulated on a limited basis for information and discussion. They have not undergone a thorough editorial or refereeing process and they should not be quoted or reproduced without the written consent of the author(s). Comments and suggestions are welcome and should be directed to the author(s).


Other publications

Proceedings of conferences supported by the Institute of Comparative Culture And more...


ADMP Monograph Series (1993-2000)

These monographs were used as study text for the Advanced Management Development Program (ADMP) sponsored by the Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID) and Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture. The Foundation has generously supported their publication.


IMDS Business Series Bulletin (1960 - 1995)

To strengthen the international reputation of Sophia, the Sophia University Socio-Economic Institute (SUSEI) was established in 1963. It comprised three sections: Credit Union Center, Asian Social Center (both became independent later), and International Management Development Seminars (IMDS)


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