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Globalization, Food and Social Identities in the Pacific Region

The Institute of Comparative Culture announces the publication of the online paper collection Globalization, Food and Social Identities in the Pacific Region. James Farrer (editor). Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture: Tokyo.

This online collection was based on the Symposium with the same title held on Feb. 21-22, 2009 at Sophia, funded by The Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan Academic Research Promotion Fund. The project continues as the Globalization and Food Project of the Institute of Comparative Culture.


Collection of papers from

the Right to Move Conference
at Sophia University on December 12-13, 2009

ICC would like to announce the publication by the online journal Policy Innovations of the collection of papers from the Right to Move Conference at Sophia University on December 12-13, 2009, sponsored by Sophia University, the Institute of Comparative Culture, and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

The collections include papers by distinguished scholars, practitioners and public servants, including Mark Raper, Mathias Risse, Hiroshi Kimizuka, Florian Coulmas, John Haffner, Gracia Liu-Farrer, Midori Okabe, Devin T. Stewart, Michele Wucker, Kosaku Yoshino , and James Farrer

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Proceedings of a symposium held on January 13, 2007

Institute of Comparative Culture Mini Conference 2006-2007
Samuel Beckett and the World Stage: Textuality and Performativity


Proceedings of a workshop held on January 30 to February 1, 2003

Cornell University and Sophia University Joint Workshop
Empirical Bioethics in Cultural Context: Genetic Confidentiality, Ownership, and Public Participation in the United States and Japan


Ichikawa Hiroya and Clammer, John

Revisiting Civil Society: Interfacing Development, Business, and the International Order.

Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University. 2002.


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