Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (-2002)

Name Home Organization Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
Kurt W. RADTKE University of Leiden, Netherlands 1988/9/30 1989/3/31 Through Western (Ideological) Eyes: How Chinese and Japanese View Each Other
Katsumi NAKAO Gakujutsu Shinkokai, Japan 1989/4/1 1991/3/31 Social Unity System of the Kang Ethnic Group
Yuru WANG Nankai University, China 1989/9/20 1990/3/31 Comparative Study of Modernization in China and Japan
David WANK Harvard University, USA 1990/6/1 1990/11/30 Comparative Study of the Establishment of Sole Proprietorship and Middle Class in China and Japan
Herbert GLAZER American University, USA 1990/9/1 1991/1/31 Joint Development of Japanese Technologies in Asia
Ritu VIJ University of Denver, USA 1991/7/1 1991/12/31 Capital Savings and Social Welfare
Mahesh RAJAN University of California, Irvine, USA 1991/8/1 1992/12/31 Corporate Restructuring in Structually Depressed Industries: The Case in Japan
Mahesh RAJAN University of California, Irvine, USA 1991/8/1 1992/12/31 Corporate Restructuring in Structually Depressed Industries: The Case in Japan
Mary B. GREGORY St. Hilda's College, UK 1991/9/1 1992/2/28 International Relations and Macro Economy Policy: Europe, Japan, and USA
A. V. SRINIVASAN Administrative Staff College of India, India 1991/9/1 1992/2/28 Comparison in Planning Procedures of Indian and Japanese Enterprises
Limin ZHANG Tianjin Social-Science Academy, China 1991/9/20 1992/9/30 Comparative Study of the History of Chinese and Japanese Cities
Li-gin ZHU Ministry of Public Health, China 1991/12/1 1992/9/30 International Law and Public Relations
Maria Teresa ORSI Universita Degli Studi, Italy 1992/4/25 1992/10/10 Japanese Modern Literature
Karine MARANDJIAN Institute of Oriental Studies, USSR 1992/4/29 1991/10/28 Philosophy in the Tokugawa Period
Christopher M. ISETT University of California LA, USA 1992/9/1 1993/8/31 Agricultural History in Pre-war Taiwan and Manchuria
Yoshiaki SHIMIZU Princeton University, USA 1992/12/22 1993/3/31 Research on the Copiers and Sketches Centering on the Kano School
Emmanuel E. EZEIGBO University of Santo Tomas, Philippines 1993/4/1 1994/3/31 Political Parties in Japan
Ihor YASCHENKO International Management Institute, Ukraine 1993/5/1 1993/11/30 Industrial Policy, Enterprise Strategy, and Innovative Strategic Management in Japan
Peter W. PRESTON University of Strathclyde, UK 1993/9/1 1994/8/31 Japan's Relationship with Southeast Asia: The Impact of ODA
John Mark JENNINGS University of Hawaii, USA 1994/4/1 1995/3/31 Opium Policy in Manchuria
Okechukwu W. ONUH University of Santo Tomas, Philippines 1994/4/1 1994/9/30 Structural Adjustment in Sub-Saharan Africa
Alberto SILVA Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain 1994/5/1 1994/8/31 Japanese Overseas Investment especially in Latin-America
Bi-da CHEN Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China 1994/7/1 1994/8/31 Present Japanese Economy and Relations with China & Hong Kong
Girgio AMITRANO Instituto Universitario Orientale, Napoli, Italy 1994/7/11 1994/9/30 Writings of Kenji Miyazawa
Minoru TSUNODA Concordia University, Canada 1994/9/1 1996/3/31 Comparative Research on ODA in Canada and Japan
Zhongping CHEN University of Hawaii, USA 1995/1/15 1995/4/14 The Nature and Roles of the Lower Yangtze Chinese Chambers of Commerce in the Transitional Decade (1902-1912)
Michael R. SEATS North Metropolitan College, Australia 1995/2/1 1996/1/31 Modern Japanese Literature
Cl?lia PIRAGIBE University of Louvain, Belgium 1996/4/1 1997/3/31 Multi-Media in EC and Japan
Yumiko NAKANISHI University of California, Berkeley, USA 1996/4/1 2001/3/31 Paintings in Central Asia
Yongxiang WANG Nankai University, China 1997/1/1 1997/3/31 Japanese Involvement in the China-USSR Relationship during 1920s and 1940s
Katja VALASKIVI University of Tampera, Finland 1997/9/17 1997/12/16 Japanese Mass Communications
David M. SAUNDERS McGill University, Canada 1998/5/1 1999/4/30 Negotiation Style in Canada and Japan
Tze Yue HU University of Hong Kong, China 1998/7/25 2000/2/28 Understanding Anime Cinema: Films of Miyazaki Hayao
Eyal BEN-ARI Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 1998/8/1 1998/10/10 Peacekeeping, the Military and Multinatioal Frameworks: The Case of the Japanese Self-Denfense Force
Jamiel Charles FILER University of Califronia, LA, USA 1998/10/1 1999/6/1 Educators on the Global Frontier: English Teachers in Tokyo 1964-00
John Joseph LOGUE Common Heritage Institute, USA 1998/10/25 1998/11/7 Japan as a Catalyst of World Government
Markus PUDELKO Universitaet zu Koeln, Germany 1999/5/1 1999/8/31 A Comparison of the Human Resource Management in Germany, Japan and USA
Daniel C. O'NEILL Yale University, USA 1999/9/15 2000/3/31 Fantastic Narratives in Meiji and Taisho
Salah HANNACHI Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia 1999/11/8 2000/3/31 Civil Society Activities in Japan
Jonathan STOCKDALE University of Chicago, USA 1999/11/15 2000/9/30 Exile in Early Japan
Harsha Sumedha KUMARAWADU University of Singapore, Singapore 2000/3/1 2002/2/10 Japan's Role in the Cambodia Peace Process
Christopher S. CLAY Yale University, USA 2000/9/1 2009/9/1 Pathos and the Novel in Taisho Japan
Daniel J. KRITENBRINK U. S. Dept of State, USA 2000/9/11 2001/7/31 The Political Dimension of Security Issues in Japan
Michael LEWIS Michigan State University, USA 2000/12/2 2000/12/1 Kodanshi and Tokyo Politics
Kristie GILBERT Yale University, USA 2000/12/15 2001/12/15 Meiji Women Writers
Nicolaos Synodinos University of Hawaii, USA 2000/12/17 2002/8/23 Public Opinion Surveys and Marketing Research Practices in Japan
Brenda BOYD St. Anthony's College, Oxford, UK 2001/1/10 2001/2/28 Japan's Search for Identity in the 1990s: Naturalism, Ethnocentrism and Ethnoracism
Shigenori MURATA St. Anthony's College, Oxford, UK 2001/1/10 2001/2/28 Kyoto School Philosophy in its Social and Cultural Conext
Andrea TABELLA EU Delegation in Japan 2001/4/16 2001/7/31 Attitude and Policies of the Developed Countries and the UN toward the Developing Countries
Satomi FUKUTOMI Louisiana State University, USA 2001/6/15 2001/8/15 Food in Japanese Culture: The Transformation of Weddings
Gary Glenn OBA US State Department, USA 2001/9/15 2002/6/15 Democracy in Japan and the US: Center-Local Relations
Habibul Haque KHONDKER National University of Singapore 2001/10/1 2002/3/31 Japan and South Asia: Development Policies and Aid


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