Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (2002)

Name Position Home Organization Host Professor Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
GOLEN, Barbara Post Doctoral Student University of London, SOAS, UK Grove 2001/10/1 2003/10/1 Perspectives of Buddhism and Modern Physics/ Comparative Study
FARRER, Gracia Liu PhD can Department of Sociology, University of Chicago, USA Farrer 2002/9/15 2003/9/15 Chinese Immigrants in Japan
BOROVOY, Amy Assistant Professor Dept. of East Asian Studies, Princeton University, USA Slater 2002/9/30 2003/7/30 Adolescence and Behavioral Problems
MATSUNAGA, Louella Research Fellow/共同研究員 Europe Japan Research Centre, Oxford Brookes University, UK and National Musium of Ethnology, Osaka Slater 2003/1/1 2004/1/1 Japanese Organizational Culture
BLOCH-TZEMACH, Dalit PhD can Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University, Israel Slater 2003/2/25 2004/8/25 Adolescent Social Relations
PANDEY, Rajyashree Senior Lecturer Department of Asian Studies, La Trove University, Australia Nakai 2003/3/1 2003/12/31 Presentations of Women in Medieval Japanese Literature
SYNODINOS, Nicolaos 10 Professor College of Business Administration, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA Uemura 2003/5/21 2003/8/18 Public Opinion Survey, Marketing Research Practicies in Japan
KAWABATA, Eiji Assistant Professor Department of Political Science, University of Oklahoma, USA Nakano 2003/6/1 2003/7/10 Comparative Study of the Political Process of the Postal Systems in the US and Japan
FELEPPA, Robert Assistant Professor Department of Philosophy, Wichita State University, USA Clammer 2003/6/21 2003/7/21 The Adequacy of Concepts of Elf and Agency for Understanding Japanese
WHELAN, Christal PhD can Institute on Religion and World Affairs, Boston University, USA Mullins 2003/7/1 2004/6/30 Globalization and a Japanese 'New New Religion': the case of Agonshu
SHEN, Kuiyi Assistant Professor School of Art, Ohio University, USA Kobayashi 2003/1/1 2003/8/31 Shanghai School Painting and Japanese Patrons
ANDREWS, Julia Professor Department of History of Art, The Ohio State University, USA Kobayashi 2003/9/1 2004/6/1 Cross Cultural Modernities in Japanese and Chinese Art, 1850-1950
GOLDSTEIN-GIDONI, Ofra Associate Professor Department of Sociology, Anthropology and East Asian Studies, Tel-Avia University, Israel Slater 2003/9/16 2003/11/9 Changing Gender Roles in Contemporary Japan: Home, Motherhood and Work
HORIGUCHI, Sachiko PhD can St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, UK Slater 2003/11/25 2004/10/31 Hikikomori: youth social withdrawal in Japan
LACRUZ, Marta Gil Professor Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty, University of Zaragoza, SPAIN Okada 2004/3/1 2004/5/30 The impact of globalization on health behaviour; psychological analysis
PARK, Gene PhD can Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA Nakano 2004/3/1 2005/2/28 Fiscal Investment Loan Program: Social Protection and Economic Adjustment (the case of Japan)


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