Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (2005)

Name Position Home Organization Host Professor Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
Shunsuke NOZAWA PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, University of Chicago Slater 2005/7/1 2006/6/30 The Advent of Readers: the project(ion) of remembering and the semiotics of inscription in Japanese personal histography
Kaeko CHIBA PhD can University of Bristol, UK Slater 2004/5/10 2006/3/31 Social movement of gender and class distinction in CHADO Society
Katrina MOORE PhD can Harvard University, USA Slater 2004/7/1 2006/3/31 Aging successfully in Japan
Michael FISCH PhD can Columbia University, USA Slater 2004/7/1 2006/3/31 Tokyo's time between spaces: In -between days
Christopher HARDING PhD can University of Oxford, UK Mullins 2004/10/1 2006/3/31 The religious and cultural encounter of European Christianity with ruralJapan c. 1870-1912
Ikuya NOGUCHI PhD can Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Mullins 2005/4/1 2006/3/31 The Culture Politics of Pentecostalism in East Asia: A Study on the Transnational Development of the Korean Yoido Full Gospel Church in Japan
Gene PARK PhD can University of California, Berkeley, USA Nakano 2004/3/1 2006/2/28 Fiscal investiment loan program
Tania LEWIS Research Fellow University of Melbourne, Australia Grove 2005/7/1 2006/1/31 Smart Living: The Knowledge of Explosion in Everyday Life
Brian MORRIS Lecturer RMIT University, Australia Slater 2005/7/4 2006/1/27 Mobility in the City: Mediatized Spaces, Bodies and Cultures
Marika EZURE PhD can University College London, UK Slater 2004/12/13 2005/12/12 KAROSHI
Karen NAKAMURA Professor Macalester College, USA Slater 2004/5/1 2005/9/30 The reformulation and expansion of disability politics in Japan and the United States
Rudyard Contreras PESIMO Instructor Ateneo de Naga University, Philippines Clammer 2005/2/16 2005/9/14 Asianizing Animation in Asia: A Comparative Study of the Dynamic Nature and Impact of Animation Industries in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines
Mary BRINTON Professor Harvard University, USA Slater 2004/9/1 2005/8/31 Out of school, out of work? The changing youth labor market in Japan
Robert FELEPPA Professor Wichita State University Clammer 2005/6/1 2005/8/31 The Adequacy of Concepts of Elf and Agency for Understanding Japanese
Eiji KAWABATA Assistant Professor Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA Nakano 2005/6/1 2005/8/5 Contemporary Government Reform in Japan: The Dual State in Flux
Philip A. DEANS Professor SOAS, University of London Nakano 2005/9/1 2006/7/30 Popular Nationalism in Sino-Japanese Relations


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