Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (2006)

Name Position Home Organization Host Professor Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
YAMASHIRO, Jane Hisa PhD Can Dept. of Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa Slater 2007/3/15 2008/3/14 Japanese American Ethnic Identity Reconstruction in Global Tokyo
FISCH Michael 2 PhD Can Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University Slater 2007/3/1 2008/2/29 Tokyo's Time between Spaces
FU Huiyan post doc Graduate School of International Public Policy, Center for International Security Studies and Policy, Osaka University Wank 2007/1/22 2008/1/21 Cooperation and Game Theory in International Relations
ONO Sayako PhD Can SOAS, University of London Slater 2007/1/22 2008/1/21 Inside a Tutu: What is the social context within which Japanese women consume classical ballet?
MIZUKAWA Jun PhD Can Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University Slater 2007/1/10 2008/1/9 The moment of Japan's national-crisis: difficulty of securing a cultural lineage within the digital generation
GRAHAM, Fiona independent researcher N/A Clammer 2007/1/9 2007/9/30 Research on Japan's Geisha Communities
MULDAVIN, Joshua Professor Sarah Lawrence College, USA Wank 2006/12/19 2007/12/18 Conservation sustainability and poverty alleviation in China: the role of Japanese environmental ODA in China's development
WAKAMATSU Fumitaka PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, Harvard University Slater 2006/12/4 2007/12/3 Making od Scientific Whaling in Japan: Ecology, Science and Cultural Nationalizm
BOROVOY, Amy 3 Assistant Professor Dept. of East Asian Studies, Princeton University Slater 2006/11/30 2006/12/21 Adolescence and Behavioral Problems
KOROBTSEVA, Ekaterina 2 PhD can Wadham College, University of Oxford Slater 2006/10/26 2006/11/24 Making the Choice to become a Lone Unwed Mother in Contemporary Japan
OMORI Hisako PhD can Dept. of Religious Studies, McMaster University, Canada Mullins 2006/9/11 2007/8/31 Modernity, Globalization asn Negotiated Identity: Ethnographic Study of Roman Catholicism in Japan
MÜLLER, Simone Lecturer Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Zurich Fuess 2006/7/23 2006/8/31 Jean-Paul Sartre and Existentialism in Japan
STEGER, Brigitte 2 Assistant Professor Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna Fuess 2006/7/1 2006/9/30 Timing Day and Night in Premodern Japan
SING, Suwannakij PhD can Center for Social Development Studies, Chulalongkorn University Clammer 2006/7/1 2007/3/31 Budhism as Social Dynamics and as Consumption: Japan and Thailand
OKURA Nana PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, Yale University Slater 2006/7/1 2007/6/30 Salarymen in Crisis: Challenges to the Dominant Ideology in Metropolitan Japan
KAWAMURA, Yuniya 2 Assistant Professor Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York Wank 2006/6/1 2006/8/31 Japanese and American teens in production of Street Fashion
KAWABATA Eiji 3 Assistant Professor Dept. of Political Science, Minnesota State University Nakano 2006/5/25 2006/8/10 Globalization and Recent Development in Japanese Capitalism in Comparative Perspective
HARDING, Christopher G. M. post doc St. Anthony's College, Oxford University Mullins 2006/4/24 2006/10/23 The Religios and Cultural Encounter of European Christianity with Rural Japan, c. 1870-1912
NOGUCHI Ikuya PhD can Faculty of Social Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam Mullins 2006/4/1 2006/8/31 The Culture Politics of Pentecostalism in East Asia: A Study on the Transnational Development of the Korean Yoido Full Gospel Church in Japan
EZURE Marika PhD can University College of London Slater 2006/4/1 2006/12/31 Karoshi(過労死
KEET, Philomena PhD can SOAS, University of London Slater 2006/3/15 2007/3/14 Living in a Material World: Spectacular Youth Fasion in Tokyo and the Changing Fabric of Japanese Society
BORET, Sebastien PhD can Europe Japan Research Centre, Oxford Brookes University Slater 2006/2/1 2007/1/31 Scattering Ashes: New Death Celebrations in Japan
DAVIS, Walter Blaine PhD can Dept. of History of Art, Ohio State University Kobayashi 2006/1/18 2006/8/26 Wang Yiting and the Art of Sini-Japanese Exchange
TAKAMORI Ayako PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, New York University Slater 2005/12/1 2006/8/31 Native Foreigners: Japanese Americans in Japan
HORIUCHI Satomi PhD can SOAS, University of London Mullins 2005/10/24 2006/8/31 The Interpretation of Ancestor Rites by Chirstian Churches in Japan: Graves, Funerals, and Memorial Services
HANKINS, Joseph PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, University of Chicago Slater 2005/10/1 2006/9/30 Universal Human Rights, Texan Cow Parts, and the Making of the Uniquely Japanese
DEANS, Andrew Philip Associate Dean SOAS, University of London Nakano 2005/9/1 2006/7/30 Popular Nationalism in Sino-Japanese Relations
NOZAWA Shunsuke PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, University of Chicago Slater 2005/7/1 2006/6/30 The Advent of Readers: the project(ion) of remembering and the semiotics of inscription in Japanese personal histography


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