Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (2007)

Name Position Home Organization Host Professor Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
O'DAY, Robin PhD Can Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia Slater 2007/12/31 2008/12/30 Death of the Salaryman?: Freeters, Work and Resistance in Japan
TSATSANIS, Emmanouil (PhD.) (Washington State University) Anno 2007/12/3 2008/12/02 The Interaction between Globalization and Nationalism
YE Wa Consultant Getty Conservation Institute Grove 2007/10/1 2007/12/10 Conservation in the Late Imperial and Early Republic of China
ESHERICK, Joseph W. Professor University of California, San Diego Grove 2007/10/1 2007/12/10 History of the Ye Family: Changes in the Domestic Life and Social Networks of a Chinese Family
SCHEAFER, Falk PhD can Institute of Japanese Studies Freie Universitaet Berlin Okada 2007/8/20 2008/3/31 Patterns of Competition within the Japanese Newspaper Market
STALKER, Nancy Assistant Professor Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, USA Fuess 2007/9/1 2008/5/31 Budding Fortunes: Ikebana and Cultural Identity in Modern Japan
TICAR, Flores Jay Assistant Professor Department of Fine Arts, Kalayaan College Hayashi 2007/8/16 2008/1/15 Project: Hanapbuhay (an art project that will depict and collect portraits of artists working with non-art paying jobs)
COOPER, Tim Ervin. III PhD can Department of History, University of California, Berkeley, USA Nakai 2007/7/1 2007/8/25 Tokugawa Yoshimune and the Kyoho Reforms
HIOKI Naoko Frances PhD can Graduate Theological Union Robouam 2007/5/1 2008/4/30 The Aesthetics of Jesuit Folding Screens in the early 17th Century Japan
KANG Tony Assistant Professor Singapore Management University Okada 2007/5/1 2007/7/30 Does National Culture Matter for Cost of Equity Capital?
HO Swee Lin PhD can Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford Slater 2007/4/1 2008/3/31 Re-Imagining the Female Body: Women's Experiences of the Body in Sex and Marriage in Contemporary Japan
YAMASHIRO, Jane Hisa PhD can Dept. of Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa Slater 2007/3/15 2008/3/14 Japanese American Ethnic Identity Reconstruction in Global Tokyo
FISCH, Michael PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University Slater 2007/3/1 2008/2/29 Tokyo's Time between Spaces
FU Huiyan PhD can Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford Slater 2007/2/13 2007/11/5 The Salaryman and Corporate Musculinity: An Anthropological approach to `the company person` in contemporary Japan
KIM Ae Jung post doc Graduate School of International Public Policy, Center for International Security Studies and Policy, Osaka University Wank 2007/1/22 2008/1/21 Cooperation and Game Theory in International Relations
ONO Sayako PhD can SOAS, University of London Slater 2007/1/22 2008/1/21 Inside a Tutu: What is the social context within which Japanese women consume classical ballet?
MIZUKAWA Jun PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University Slater 2007/1/10 2008/8/31 The moment of Japan's national-crisis: difficulty of securing a cultural lineage within the digital generation
GRAHAM Fiona independent researcher N/A Slater 2007/1/9 2007/9/30 Research on Japan's Geisha Communities
MULDAVIN, Joshua Professor Sarah Lawrence College, USA Wank 2006/12/19 2008/12/17 Conservation sustainability and poverty alleviation in China: the role of Japanese environmental ODA in China's development
WAKAMATSU Fumitaka PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, Harvard University Slater 2006/12/4 2007/12/3 Making od Scientific Whaling in Japan: Ecology, Science and Cultural Nationalizm
OMORI Hisako PhD can Dept. of Religious Studies, McMaster University, Canada Mullins 2006/9/11 2007/8/31 Modernity, Globalization asn Negotiated Identity: Ethnographic Study of Roman Catholicism in Japan
OKURA Nana PhD can Dept. of Anthropology, Yale University Slater 2006/7/1 2007/8/31 Salarymen in Crisis: Challenges to the Dominant Ideology in Metropolitan Japan
BORET, Sebastien PhD can Europe Japan Research Centre, Oxford Brookes University Slater 2006/2/1 2008/1/31 Scattering Ashes: New Death Celebrations in Japan


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