Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (2013)

Name Position Home Organization Host Professor Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
VALASCO Marie Laureen Assistant Professor De La Salle University Manila Yiu 2012/10/01 2013/09/30 The Japanese after March 2011, the philosophical foundations of the Japanese spirit.
VESELIC Maya Lecturer Deparatment of Asia and African Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana Slater 2012/11/19 2013/11/18 Religious organizations and natural disaster response in Japan and China
BURTSCHER Michael 特任准教授 東京大学国際連携本部  Saaler 2012/10/01 2014/03/31 Epistemology and the Formation of the Meiji State
MANDIBERG Stephen PhD Can University of California, San Diego Slater 2012/09/18 2013/09/17 The practice and politics of video game localization between Japan and US
HEIDT Vitali PhD Can Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen Slater 2012/09/01 2013/08/31 Change of social security institutions in contemporary Japan
MIYAKE Toshio Marie Curie Researcher Ca'Foscari University of Venice Farrer 2013/06/16 2013/07/13 The Field of Popular Cultures in Modern and Contemporary Japan
MORIMOTO Ryo PhD Can Brandeis University Slater 2013/07/01 2014/06/30 The Role of Culture in Post-disaster Reconstructive Process in japan
KOCH Anne Freelance Researcher/Lecturer University Munich Murakami Farrer 2013/08/01 2013/12/31 Cosmopolitan Spirituality: Exploring Anglophone Yoga Classes in Tokyo
SEKINE Emily PhD Can The New School for Social Research Watanabe Slater 2013/09/18 2014/09/17 Predicting Nature's Uncertainties in Post 3.11 Japan
GAUTHIER Darcy PhD Can University of Toronto Kono 2013/09/28 2014/08/28 The conjunction of capitalism, imperialism, and race as articulated in modern Japanese ghost stories
FRASER Karen Assistant Professor Santa Clara University Hirasawa 2013/10/01 2013/12/31 Modern Japanese Visual Culture Circa 1850-1960
LEE Tiffany PhD Can Stanford University Hirasawa 2013/12/02 2014/03/21 Pictorializing the Nation: Cultural Nationalism and Art Photography in China, 1919–1937
MATTHIESSEN Sven Research Associate Ruprecht Karls University, Heidelberg Saaler 2014/03/01 2015/02/28 Pan-Asianism and Japanese-Philippine Relations


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