Institute of Comparative Culture Visiting Scholars (2014)

Name Position Home Organization Host Professor Start of affiliation End of affiliation Research topic
VESELIC Maya Lecturer Deparatment of Asia and African Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana Slater 2013/11/19 2014/11/18 Religious organizations and natural disaster response in Japan and China
MORIMOTO Ryo PhD Can Brandeis University Slater 2013/07/01 2014/06/30 The Role of Culture in Post-disaster Reconstructive Process in japan
SEKINE Emily PhD Can The New School for Social Research Watanabe Slater 2013/09/18 2015/09/17 Predicting Nature's Uncertainties in Post 3.11 Japan
GAUTHIER Darcy PhD Can University of Toronto Kono 2013/09/28 2014/08/28 The conjunction of capitalism, imperialism, and race as articulated in modern Japanese ghost stories
LEE Tiffany PhD Can Stanford University Hirasawa 2013/12/02 2014/03/21 Pictorializing the Nation: Cultural Nationalism and Art Photography in China, 1919–1937
MATTHIESSEN Sven Research Associate Ruprecht Karls University, Heidelberg Saaler 2014/03/01 2015/02/28 Pan-Asianism and Japanese-Philippine Relations
SUZUKI Yui Associate Professor University of Maryland Gramlich-Oka 2014/04/14 2014/07/30 Hidden Matters: Birth and Placenta Rites, Exorcisms, and Ghostly Presences
STUCHLICKOVA Zuzana Assistant professor University of Economics in Prague Slater 2014/05/01 2014/06/30 Topics concerning the current development of the Japanese economy – especially the economic development after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011
MORIUCHI Emi Assistant Professor Hawai’i Pacific University Haghirian 2014/05/01 2014/07/30 Identity Dilemma: Priming Biculturals' Ethnic Identity and Advertising Response
BRAHOVA Michaela PhD can Tomas Vata University Haghirian 2014/05/11 2014/06/08 Japanese Management Strategies
O'DAY Robin Post Doc University of Hawai'i, Manoa Slater 2014/05/01 2014/08/31 Networked Volunteerism: The Techno-Social Dimensions of Disaster Recovery
RUTI Mari Professor University of Toronto Murai 2014/05/15 2014/05/23 Theorizing a post-humanist, culturally sensitive form of universalist ethics
GALBRAITH Patrick Adjunct Prof. Sophia University Slater 2014/05/01 2015/08/31 Japanese Media and Fan Cultures
SEJRUP Jens Post Doc Lund University, Swedeny Saaler 2014/06/09 2014/07/06 The Japanese Prime Minister: The Shifting Face of Power
YAMAGUCHI Tomomi Associate Prof. Montana State University, Bozeman Slater 2014/08/01 2015/06/30 The Gender Politics of Japanese Ethno-Nationalism Today
SKLYAR Aleksandr PhD Can University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Slater 2014/09/01 2015/08/31 Voluntary Relocation: Family Decisions in Post-Fukushima Japan
SHAW Vivian PhD Can University of Texas, Austin Slater 2014/09/17 2016/09/16 Human Fallout: Biological citizenship in anti-nuclear and anti-racist collective action in post-3/11 Japan
LITTLEJOHN Andrew PhD Can Harvard University Slater 2014/09/22 2015/09/21 The recovery process in Tohoku, with a particular focus on attempts to incorporate local knowledge and experience into post-disaster planning and architecture


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